January 3rd All Events

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January 3rd, 2008 (January 03 2008)DeathWerner Dollinger, German politician and economist (born in 1918)
January 3rd, 2008 (January 03 2008)DeathAleksandr Abdulov, Russian actor (born in 1953)
January 3rd, 2008 (January 03 2008)DeathNatasha Collins, British actress and television presenter (born in 1976)
January 3rd, 2008 (January 03 2008)DeathYo-Sam Choi, South Korean boxer/former WBC light flyweight champion (born in 1972)
January 3rd, 2007 (January 03 2007)EventNational Express has its worst ever coach crash just outside Heathrow Airport.
January 3rd, 2007 (January 03 2007)DeathWilliam Verity Jr., United States Secretary of Commerce 1987-1989 (born in 1917)
January 3rd, 2007 (January 03 2007)DeathMichael Yeats, Irish Fianna Fail senator 1961-1981 and son of W.B. Yeats (born in 1921)
January 3rd, 2007 (January 03 2007)DeathSir Cecil Walker, Ulster Unionist Member of Parliament for North Belfast 1983-2001 (born in 1924)
January 3rd, 2007 (January 03 2007)DeathEarl Reibel, Canadian ice hockey forward Detroit Red Wings (born in 1930)
January 3rd, 2007 (January 03 2007)DeathJanos Furst, Hungarian orchestral conductor (born in 1935)
January 3rd, 2006 (January 03 2006)DeathSteve Rogers, Australian rugby league footballer (born in 1954)
January 3rd, 2006 (January 03 2006)DeathBill Skate, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (born in 1954)
January 3rd, 2005 (January 03 2005)DeathKoo Chen-fu, Chinese negotiator (born in 1917)
January 3rd, 2005 (January 03 2005)DeathWill Eisner, American comic book artist (born in 1917)
January 3rd, 2005 (January 03 2005)DeathJN Dixit, Indian government official (born in 1936)
January 3rd, 2004 (January 03 2004)EventFlight 604, a Boeing 737 owned by Flash Airlines, an Egyptian airliner, plunges into the Red Sea, killing all 148 people on board.
January 3rd, 2004 (January 03 2004)DeathDes Corcoran, Premier of South Australia (born in 1928)
January 3rd, 2004 (January 03 2004)DeathLeon Wagner, American baseball player (born in 1934)
January 3rd, 2003 (January 03 2003)DeathSid Gillman, American football coach (born in 1911)Eric Gill Quotes
January 3rd, 2002 (January 03 2002)DeathJuan Garcia Esquivel, Mexican band leader (born in 1918)
January 3rd, 2002 (January 03 2002)DeathFreddy Heineken, Dutch beer executive (born in 1923)
January 3rd, 1999 (January 03 1999)EventThe Mars Polar Lander was launched.
January 3rd, 1999 (January 03 1999)EventIsrael detains, and later expels, 14 members of Concerned Christians.
January 3rd, 1997 (January 03 1997)EventThe People s Republic of China announces it will spend $27.7 billion USD to fight erosion and pollution in the Yangtze and Yellow river valleys.
January 3rd, 1994 (January 03 1994)EventAn Aeroflot Tupolev TU-154 crashes and explodes after takeoff from Irkutsk, Russia, killing 125 people including one on the ground.
January 3rd, 1994 (January 03 1994)DeathHeather Sears, British actress (born in 1935)
January 3rd, 1993 (January 03 1993)EventIn Moscow, George H. W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin sign the second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).George H. W. Bush Quotes
January 3rd, 1993 (January 03 1993)DeathJohnny Most, American sports announcer (born in 1923)
January 3rd, 1992 (January 03 1992)DeathDame Judith Anderson, Australian actress (born in 1897)
January 3rd, 1990 (January 03 1990)EventFormer leader of Panama Manuel Noriega surrenders to American forces.
January 3rd, 1990 (January 03 1990)DeathArthur Gold, American pianist, half of Gold and Fizdale duo (born in 1917)
January 3rd, 1989 (January 03 1989)BirthAlex D. Linz, American actor
January 3rd, 1989 (January 03 1989)BirthAnya Kop, Russian model and America s Next Top Model contestant
January 3rd, 1989 (January 03 1989)DeathSergei Lvovich Sobolev, Russian mathematician (born in 1909)
January 3rd, 1988 (January 03 1988)EventMargaret Thatcher becomes the longest-serving British Prime Minister in the 20th Century.Margaret Thatcher Quotes
January 3rd, 1988 (January 03 1988)BirthRodrigo de la Cadena, Mexican artist and performer
January 3rd, 1988 (January 03 1988)DeathRose Auslander, German poet (born in 1901)
January 3rd, 1988 (January 03 1988)DeathJoie Chitwood, American racedriver & Daredevil (born in 1912)
January 3rd, 1986 (January 03 1986)BirthLloyd Polite, American R&B singer
January 3rd, 1986 (January 03 1986)BirthJacob Timpano, Australian soccer player
January 3rd, 1985 (January 03 1985)BirthJohn David Booty, American football player
January 3rd, 1981 (January 03 1981)BirthEli Manning, American football player
January 3rd, 1981 (January 03 1981)BirthChris Blais, California racecar driver
January 3rd, 1981 (January 03 1981)DeathPrincess Alice of Albany (born in 1883)
January 3rd, 1980 (January 03 1980)BirthRob Arnold, American guitarist (Chimaira)
January 3rd, 1980 (January 03 1980)BirthLiya Kebede, Ethiopian model Bede Quotes
January 3rd, 1980 (January 03 1980)BirthAngela Ruggiero, American ice hockey player
January 3rd, 1980 (January 03 1980)BirthDavid Tyree, American football player
January 3rd, 1980 (January 03 1980)DeathLucien Buysse, Belgian cyclist (born in 1892)
January 3rd, 1980 (January 03 1980)DeathJoy Adamson, Czech conservationist (born in 1910)
January 3rd, 1979 (January 03 1979)BirthFrancesco Bellissimo, Italian mangaka
January 3rd, 1979 (January 03 1979)DeathConrad Hilton, American hotelier (born in 1887)
January 3rd, 1978 (January 03 1978)BirthKimberley Locke, American singer
January 3rd, 1978 (January 03 1978)BirthPark Sol-mi, South Korean actress
January 3rd, 1978 (January 03 1978)BirthDominic Wood, English children s television presenter and magician
January 3rd, 1978 (January 03 1978)BirthMike York, American ice hockey player
January 3rd, 1977 (January 03 1977)EventApple Computer is incorporated.
January 3rd, 1977 (January 03 1977)BirthLee Bowyer, English footballer
January 3rd, 1977 (January 03 1977)BirthA.J. Burnett, American baseball player
January 3rd, 1977 (January 03 1977)BirthMayumi Iizuka, Japanese voice actress (seiyu)
January 3rd, 1977 (January 03 1977)BirthMichelle Stephenson, English singer (The Spice Girls)
January 3rd, 1976 (January 03 1976)BirthAngelos Basinas, Greek footballer
January 3rd, 1976 (January 03 1976)BirthAlisen Down, Canadian actress
January 3rd, 1976 (January 03 1976)BirthDinara Drukarova, Russian actress
January 3rd, 1976 (January 03 1976)BirthNicholas Gonzalez, American actor
January 3rd, 1975 (January 03 1975)BirthThomas Bangalter, French DJ (Daft Punk)
January 3rd, 1975 (January 03 1975)BirthJason Marsden, American actor
January 3rd, 1975 (January 03 1975)BirthDanica McKellar, American actress
January 3rd, 1974 (January 03 1974)BirthAlessandro Petacchi, Italian cyclist
January 3rd, 1974 (January 03 1974)DeathGino Cervi, Italian actor (born in 1901)
January 3rd, 1972 (January 03 1972)BirthYoon Chan, South Korean actor
January 3rd, 1972 (January 03 1972)BirthNichole Nordeman, American singer
January 3rd, 1971 (January 03 1971)BirthCory Cross, Canadian ice hockey player
January 3rd, 1970 (January 03 1970)BirthMahaya Petrosian, Iranian actress
January 3rd, 1970 (January 03 1970)BirthChristian Duguay, American comic actor
January 3rd, 1970 (January 03 1970)BirthMatt Ross, American actor
January 3rd, 1970 (January 03 1970)DeathGladys Aylward, British missionary in China; portrayed by Ingrid Bergman in The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (born in 1902)
January 3rd, 1969 (January 03 1969)BirthMichael Schumacher, German seven-time F1 World Champion
January 3rd, 1969 (January 03 1969)DeathHoward McNear, American actor (born in 1905)
January 3rd, 1969 (January 03 1969)DeathJean Focas, Greco-French astronomer (born in 1909)
January 3rd, 1967 (January 03 1967)DeathMary Garden, Scottish singer (born in 1874)
January 3rd, 1967 (January 03 1967)DeathJack Ruby, American killer of Lee Harvey Oswald (born in 1911)
January 3rd, 1966 (January 03 1966)BirthMartin Galway, Northern Ireland composer
January 3rd, 1964 (January 03 1964)BirthBruce LaBruce, Canadian filmmaker
January 3rd, 1963 (January 03 1963)BirthVic Grimes, American professional wrestler
January 3rd, 1963 (January 03 1963)BirthJerome Young, American professional wrestler
January 3rd, 1962 (January 03 1962)EventPope John XXIII excommunicates Fidel Castro.Fidel Castro Quotes
January 3rd, 1962 (January 03 1962)BirthFrancesca Lia Block, American author
January 3rd, 1961 (January 03 1961)EventThe United States severs diplomatic relations with Cuba.
January 3rd, 1961 (January 03 1961)EventThe SL-1, a government-run reactor near Idaho Falls, Idaho, leaks radiation, killing three workers.
January 3rd, 1960 (January 03 1960)BirthSandeep Marwah Founder of Film City, Noida, India
January 3rd, 1959 (January 03 1959)EventAlaska is admitted as the 49th U.S. State.
January 3rd, 1958 (January 03 1958)EventThe West Indies Federation is formed.
January 3rd, 1958 (January 03 1958)BirthShim Hyung-rae, South Korean filmmaker
January 3rd, 1957 (January 03 1957)EventThe Hamilton Watch Company introduces the first electric watch.
January 3rd, 1957 (January 03 1957)BirthBojan Kriz ?, Slovenian skier
January 3rd, 1956 (January 03 1956)EventA fire damages the top part of the Eiffel Tower.
January 3rd, 1956 (January 03 1956)BirthMel Gibson, Australian actor and director
January 3rd, 1956 (January 03 1956)BirthWilly T. Ribbs, American race car driver
January 3rd, 1956 (January 03 1956)DeathAlexander Gretchaninov, Russian composer (born in 1864)
January 3rd, 1956 (January 03 1956)DeathJoseph Wirth, 5th Chancellor of the Weimar Republic (Germany) (born in 1876)
January 3rd, 1955 (January 03 1955)BirthPalmolive, English musician (The Slits, The Raincoats)
January 3rd, 1954 (January 03 1954)BirthDean Hart, Canadian wrestler (died in 1990)
January 3rd, 1954 (January 03 1954)BirthNed Lamont, American businessman
January 3rd, 1953 (January 03 1953)EventFrances Bolton and her son, Oliver from Ohio, become the first mother and son to serve simultaneously in the U.S. Congress.
January 3rd, 1952 (January 03 1952)BirthJim Ross, American wrestling announcer
January 3rd, 1951 (January 03 1951)BirthGary Nairn, Australian politician
January 3rd, 1950 (January 03 1950)BirthVictoria Principal, American actress
January 3rd, 1950 (January 03 1950)DeathEmil Jannings, Swiss actor (born in 1884)
January 3rd, 1949 (January 03 1949)BirthSylvia Likens, American torture victim (died in 1965)
January 3rd, 1947 (January 03 1947)EventProceedings of the U.S. Congress are televised for the first time.
January 3rd, 1946 (January 03 1946)BirthJohn Paul Jones, British musician (Led Zeppelin)John Paul Jones Quotes
January 3rd, 1946 (January 03 1946)BirthCissy King, American entertainer
January 3rd, 1946 (January 03 1946)DeathWilliam Joyce, American Nazi propagandist (executed) (born in 1906)
January 3rd, 1945 (January 03 1945)EventWorld War II: Admiral Chester W Nimitz is placed in command of all U.S. Naval forces in preparation for planned assaults against Iwo Jima, Okinawa and Japan.
January 3rd, 1945 (January 03 1945)BirthStephen Stills, American musician
January 3rd, 1945 (January 03 1945)DeathEdgar Cayce, American psychic (born in 1877)
January 3rd, 1945 (January 03 1945)DeathFerdynand Antoni Ossendowski, Polish writer (born in 1879)
January 3rd, 1944 (January 03 1944)EventWorld War II: Top Ace Major Greg "Pappy" Boyington is shot down in his Corsair by Captain Masajiro Kawato flying a Zero.
January 3rd, 1944 (January 03 1944)BirthDavid Atherton, English conductor
January 3rd, 1944 (January 03 1944)BirthBlanche d Alpuget, Australian novelist, biographer and second wife of Bob Hawke
January 3rd, 1944 (January 03 1944)DeathJurgis Baltrusaitis, Lithuanian poet (born in 1873)
January 3rd, 1943 (January 03 1943)DeathSir Walter James, Premier of Western Australia (born in 1863)
January 3rd, 1942 (January 03 1942)BirthJohn Thaw, British actor (died in 2002)
January 3rd, 1942 (January 03 1942)BirthJohn Marsden, Australian lawyer, gay activist (died in 2006)John Gay Quotes
January 3rd, 1941 (January 03 1941)BirthVan Dyke Parks, American musician
January 3rd, 1939 (January 03 1939)BirthNikos Alefantos, Greek football manager
January 3rd, 1939 (January 03 1939)BirthJanice Crosio, Australian politician
January 3rd, 1939 (January 03 1939)BirthBobby Hull, Canadian hockey player
January 3rd, 1939 (January 03 1939)BirthRuben Reyes, Filipino Supreme Court jurist
January 3rd, 1938 (January 03 1938)EventThe March of Dimes is established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
January 3rd, 1937 (January 03 1937)BirthSeri Wangnaitham, Thai dancer and choreographer (died in 2007)An Wang Quotes
January 3rd, 1936 (January 03 1936)BirthDavid Vine, British sports commentator
January 3rd, 1935 (January 03 1935)BirthRaymond Garneau, French Canadian politician and businessman
January 3rd, 1933 (January 03 1933)EventMinnie D. Craig becomes the first female elected as Speaker of the North Dakota House of Representatives, the first female to hold a Speaker position anywhere in the United States.
January 3rd, 1933 (January 03 1933)DeathWilhelm Cuno, 6th Chancellor of the Weimar Republic (Germany) (born in 1876)
January 3rd, 1933 (January 03 1933)DeathJack Pickford, Canadian actor (born in 1896)
January 3rd, 1932 (January 03 1932)EventMartial law is declared in Honduras to stop revolt by banana workers fired by United Fruit. Martial Quotes
January 3rd, 1932 (January 03 1932)BirthCoo Coo Marlin, American race car driver (died in 2005)
January 3rd, 1932 (January 03 1932)BirthDabney Coleman, American actor
January 3rd, 1931 (January 03 1931)DeathJoseph Joffre, French general (born in 1852)
January 3rd, 1930 (January 03 1930)BirthMarcel Dube, Quebec playwright
January 3rd, 1930 (January 03 1930)BirthRobert Loggia, American actor
January 3rd, 1929 (January 03 1929)BirthSergio Leone, Italian director (died in 1989)
January 3rd, 1929 (January 03 1929)BirthErnst Mahle, Brazilian composer
January 3rd, 1927 (January 03 1927)DeathCarle David Tolme Runge, German physicist (born in 1856)
January 3rd, 1926 (January 03 1926)BirthGeorge Martin, British producer
January 3rd, 1925 (January 03 1925)EventBenito Mussolini announces he is taking dictatorial powers over Italy.Benito Mussolini Quotes
January 3rd, 1924 (January 03 1924)EventEnglish explorer Howard Carter discovers the sarcophagus of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor, Egypt.Howard Carter Quotes
January 3rd, 1924 (January 03 1924)BirthAndre Franquin, Belgian cartoonist (Gaston Lagaffe) (died in 1997)
January 3rd, 1924 (January 03 1924)BirthNell Rankin, American singer (died in 2005)
January 3rd, 1924 (January 03 1924)BirthDoug Ellis, British entrepreneur
January 3rd, 1923 (January 03 1923)BirthHank Stram, American football coach (died in 2005)
January 3rd, 1923 (January 03 1923)BirthCharles Tingwell, Australian actor
January 3rd, 1923 (January 03 1923)DeathJaroslav Hasek, Czech novelist (born in 1883)Jaroslav Hasek Quotes
January 3rd, 1922 (January 03 1922)BirthBill Travers, English actor and director (died in 1994)
January 3rd, 1922 (January 03 1922)BirthRonald Smith, British pianist (died in 2004)
January 3rd, 1921 (January 03 1921)EventTurkey makes peace with Armenia.
January 3rd, 1921 (January 03 1921)BirthJohn Russell, American actor (died in 1991)John Russell Quotes
January 3rd, 1920 (January 03 1920)BirthRenato Carosone, Italian musician (died in 2001)
January 3rd, 1917 (January 03 1917)BirthGeneral Vernon Walters, U.S. military officer, diplomat (died in 2002)
January 3rd, 1917 (January 03 1917)BirthRoger W. Straus, Jr., American publisher (died in 2004)
January 3rd, 1916 (January 03 1916)BirthBetty Furness, American actress (died in 1994)
January 3rd, 1916 (January 03 1916)BirthMaxene Andrews, American singer (The Andrews Sisters) (died in 1995)
January 3rd, 1916 (January 03 1916)BirthBernard Greenhouse, American cellist
January 3rd, 1916 (January 03 1916)DeathGrenville M. Dodge, American Civil War Union Army Major General (born in 1831)
January 3rd, 1915 (January 03 1915)DeathJames Elroy Flecker, English author (born in 1884)
January 3rd, 1912 (January 03 1912)BirthRenaude Lapointe, Canadian journalist and senator (died in 2002)
January 3rd, 1912 (January 03 1912)BirthArmand Lohikoski, Finnish director (died in 2005)
January 3rd, 1911 (January 03 1911)BirthJohn Sturges, American director (died in 1982)
January 3rd, 1911 (January 03 1911)DeathAlexandros Papadiamantis, Greek author (born in 1851)
January 3rd, 1910 (January 03 1910)BirthFrenchy Bordagaray, American baseball player (died in 2000)
January 3rd, 1909 (January 03 1909)BirthVictor Borge, Danish entertainer (died in 2000)
January 3rd, 1905 (January 03 1905)BirthAnna May Wong, American actress (died in 1961)
January 3rd, 1905 (January 03 1905)BirthRay Milland, Welsh actor (died in 1986)
January 3rd, 1903 (January 03 1903)DeathAlois Hitler, father of Adolf Hitler (born in 1837)Adolf Hitler Quotes
January 3rd, 1901 (January 03 1901)BirthNgo Dinh Di?m, President of South Vietnam (died in 1963)
January 3rd, 1899 (January 03 1899)EventThe first known use of the word automobile, was seen in an editorial in The New York Times.
January 3rd, 1898 (January 03 1898)BirthCarlos Keller, Chilean fascist politician (died in 1974)
January 3rd, 1897 (January 03 1897)BirthMarion Davies, American actress (died in 1961)
January 3rd, 1895 (January 03 1895)DeathJames Merritt Ives, American lithographer with Nathaniel Currier (born in 1824)
January 3rd, 1894 (January 03 1894)BirthZaSu Pitts, American actress (died in 1963)
January 3rd, 1892 (January 03 1892)BirthJ. R. R. Tolkien, British writer (died in 1973)J. R. R. Tolkien Quotes
January 3rd, 1888 (January 03 1888)EventThe refracting telescope at the Lick Observatory, measuring 91 cm in diameter, is used for the first time. It was the largest telescope in the world at the time.
January 3rd, 1887 (January 03 1887)BirthAugust Macke, German painter (died in 1914)
January 3rd, 1887 (January 03 1887)BirthHelen Parkhurst, American educator (died in 1973)
January 3rd, 1886 (January 03 1886)BirthJosephine Hull, American actress (died in 1957)
January 3rd, 1884 (January 03 1884)BirthRaoul von Koczalski, Polish pianist and composer (died in 1948)
January 3rd, 1883 (January 03 1883)BirthClement Attlee, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1967)
January 3rd, 1882 (January 03 1882)DeathWilliam Harrison Ainsworth, English novelist (born in 1805)
January 3rd, 1879 (January 03 1879)BirthGrace Coolidge, First Lady of the United States (died in 1957)
January 3rd, 1876 (January 03 1876)BirthWilhelm Pieck, first President of East Germany (died in 1960)
January 3rd, 1875 (January 03 1875)DeathPierre Larousse, French editor (born in 1817)
January 3rd, 1873 (January 03 1873)BirthIchizo Kobayashi, Japanese businessman (died in 1957)
January 3rd, 1870 (January 03 1870)EventThe construction of the Brooklyn Bridge begins.
January 3rd, 1870 (January 03 1870)BirthHenry Handel Richardson, Australian author (died in 1946)
January 3rd, 1868 (January 03 1868)EventMeiji Restoration in Japan: The Tokugawa shogunate is abolished; agents of Satsuma and Choshu seize power.
January 3rd, 1865 (January 03 1865)BirthHenry Lytton, British actor and opera singer (died in 1936)
January 3rd, 1862 (January 03 1862)BirthSir Matthew Nathan, British Governor of Queensland and other places (died in 1939)
January 3rd, 1861 (January 03 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: Delaware votes not to secede from the United States.
January 3rd, 1861 (January 03 1861)BirthWilliam Renshaw, British champion tennis player (died in 1904)
January 3rd, 1855 (January 03 1855)BirthHubert Bland, English socialist (died in 1914)
January 3rd, 1848 (January 03 1848)EventJoseph Jenkins Roberts is sworn in as the first president of the independent African Republic of Liberia.
January 3rd, 1840 (January 03 1840)BirthFather Damien, Flemish missionary (died in 1889)
January 3rd, 1836 (January 03 1836)BirthSakamoto Ryoma, Japanese revolutionary (died in 1867)
January 3rd, 1834 (January 03 1834)EventThe government of Mexico imprisons Stephen F. Austin in Mexico City.
January 3rd, 1826 (January 03 1826)DeathLouis Gabriel Suchet, French marshal (born in 1770)
January 3rd, 1823 (January 03 1823)EventStephen F. Austin receives a grant of land in Texas from the government of Mexico.
January 3rd, 1819 (January 03 1819)BirthCharles Piazzi Smyth, Astronomer Royal for Scotland (died in 1900)
January 3rd, 1815 (January 03 1815)EventAustria, the United Kingdom, and France form a secret defensive alliance treaty against Prussia and Russia.
January 3rd, 1813 (January 03 1813)DeathBennelong, Australian aboriginal interlocutor between his tribe and the British settlers (born in c. 1764)
January 3rd, 1810 (January 03 1810)BirthAntoine Thomson d Abbadie, French geographer (died in 1897)
January 3rd, 1806 (January 03 1806)BirthHenriette Sontag, German soprano (died in 1854)
January 3rd, 1803 (January 03 1803)BirthDouglas William Jerrold, British playwright (died in 1857)Douglas William Jerrold Quotes
January 3rd, 1802 (January 03 1802)BirthCharles Pelham Villiers, British House of Commons member (died in 1898)
January 3rd, 1795 (January 03 1795)DeathJosiah Wedgwood, English potter (born in 1730)
January 3rd, 1793 (January 03 1793)BirthLucretia Mott, American women s rights activist (died in 1880)
January 3rd, 1785 (January 03 1785)DeathBaldassare Galuppi, Italian composer (born in 1706)
January 3rd, 1779 (January 03 1779)DeathClaude Bourgelat, French veterinary surgeon (born in 1712)
January 3rd, 1778 (January 03 1778)BirthAntoni Melchior Fijalkowski, Polish bishop (died in 1861)
January 3rd, 1777 (January 03 1777)EventAmerican general George Washington defeats British general Charles Cornwallis at the Battle of Princeton.George Washington Quotes
January 3rd, 1760 (January 03 1760)BirthJohn Storm, American Revolutionary soldier (died in 1835)
January 3rd, 1749 (January 03 1749)EventBenning Wentworth issues the first of the New Hampshire Grants, leading to the establishment of Vermont.
January 3rd, 1743 (January 03 1743)DeathFerdinando Galli-Bibiena, Italian architect and designer (born in 1657)
January 3rd, 1733 (January 03 1733)BirthSir Richard Arkwright, English industrialist and inventor (died in 1792)
January 3rd, 1722 (January 03 1722)BirthFredric Hasselquist, Swedish naturalist (died in 1752)
January 3rd, 1719 (January 03 1719)BirthFrancisco Jose Freire, Portuguese historian (died in 1773)
January 3rd, 1710 (January 03 1710)BirthRichard Gridley, American Revolutionary soldier (died in 1796)Eric Idle Quotes
January 3rd, 1701 (January 03 1701)DeathPrince Louis I of Monaco (born in 1642)
January 3rd, 1698 (January 03 1698)BirthPietro Metastasio, Italian poet (died in 1782)
January 3rd, 1690 (January 03 1690)DeathHillel ben Naphtali Zevi, Lithuanian rabbi (born in 1615)
January 3rd, 1670 (January 03 1670)DeathGeorge Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle, English soldier (born in 1608)
January 3rd, 1656 (January 03 1656)DeathMathieu Mole, French statesman (born in 1584)
January 3rd, 1641 (January 03 1641)DeathJeremiah Horrocks, English astronomer (born in 1618)
January 3rd, 1571 (January 03 1571)DeathJoachim II Hector, Elector of Brandenburg (born in 1505)
January 3rd, 1543 (January 03 1543)DeathJuan Rodriguez Cabrillo, Portuguese explorer (born in 1499)
January 3rd, 1521 (January 03 1521)EventPope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther in the papal bull Decet Romanum Pontificem.Martin Luther Quotes
January 3rd, 1496 (January 03 1496)EventLeonardo da Vinci unsuccessfully tests a flying machine.
January 3rd, 1437 (January 03 1437)DeathCatherine of Valois, wife of Henry V of England (born in 1401)
January 3rd, 1431 (January 03 1431)EventJoan of Arc is handed over to the Bishop Pierre Cauchon. Joan of Arc Quotes
January 3rd, 1322 (January 03 1322)DeathKing Philip V of France (born in 1293)
January 3rd, 1196 (January 03 1196)BirthEmperor Tsuchimikado of Japan (died in 1231)
January 3rd, 1098 (January 03 1098)DeathWalkelin, first Norman bishop of Winchester (born in unknown)
January 3rd, 0235 (January 03 0235)DeathPope St Anterus (born in unknown)
January 3rd, 0106 (January 03 0106)BirthCicero, Roman statesman and philosopher (died in 43 BC) Philo Quotes

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